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For your registration ( Create account) on the Orimoto® program you need an e-mail address.

  1. Enter your e-mail address in the field E-mail, with which you would like to register at the Orimoto® program.
  2. In the field Password and Confirm password enter a personal min. 8-digit password. Both passwords must be identical.
  3. Enter clockwise the characters on the heart. The "ori" is already preassigned in the field. In the picture below it would be "orijy4um". Upper and lower case letters do not matter.
  4. If all entries are correct and no error message is displayed by the Orimoto® program. You will see a message that an e-mail has been sent to you to complete the registration and activate your registration.
    Registrierungsmaske Meldung
  5. You now have 6 hours to complete the registration. After 6 hours, registrations that are not completed will be automatically deleted by the Orimoto® program. However, you can then register again.
  6. After completing registration, you can enroll in the Orimoto® program.

Why an e-mail does not reach a recipient can have several causes:

  • The e-mail address was entered incorrectly. Solution: Register again.
  • The email is in the spam folder. Solution: Check the spam folder.
  • The email has been pre-blocked by the email provider. Solution: Specify explicitly in the spam filter that e-mails from orimoto.de and orimoto.eu should not be filtered.
  • The e-mail inbox is full. Solution: Archive or empty the e-mail inbox.
  • The e-mail program (app) that retrieves the e-mails filters out the e-mail. Solution: Retrieve e-mail directly from the e-mail provider.
To log in ( Login) at the Orimoto® program you need a registration ( Create account).

  1. In the E-mail field, enter the e-mail address you used to register with the Orimoto® program.
  2. In the Password field, enter the password you entered during registration.

Why a login is not possible can have several reasons:

  • The e-mail address is not known to the Orimoto program.
  • The email address was misspelled.
  • The free version has not been used for 6 months. The program deletes unused accounts after 6 months. Solution: Create account
  • The password is not correct. Solution: Reset password
To create a pattern you have to log in to the Orimoto® programme ( Login). For this you need a registration ( Create account).

  1. After logging in, you will see an explanation in a message box. Please read this and confirm with the green button if you agree.
    • Pattern may not be passed on
    • Folded books may not be called Orimoto® or Kirimoto®.
    • Which cookies are stored.
    • Which data will be stored in the database
    • Last changes in the AGB

  2. Depending on the screen size used, the Orimoto® programme looks different. However, the way it works is the same.
  3. Enter the last page number of your book. For more information about the field, press the small blue round button .
    Letzte Seitenzahl
  4. Select the folding method. For more information about the field, press the small blue round button .
  5. Enter a lettering or select a graphic. For more information on the fields, press the small blue round button .
    Schriftzug oder Grafik
  6. Press one of the preview buttons. For more information about the buttons, press the left button with the "i".
    Vorschau Button
  7. The preview is displayed.
  8. Press the Create pattern button. For more information about the button, press the left button with the i.
    Vorlage Erstellen Button
  9. The pattern was created using the Create Pattern button and depending on which delivery method was selected, it was saved via download on the device used or sent via e-mail to the registered email address. For more information on the fields, press the small blue round button .
    Download oder E-Mail


The program has created 1,410,142 personalized patterns so far to fold 658,698,746 pages. To create a personalized pattern, the program needs 5-10 seconds.

The only place to get personalized patterns for free (as many as you like).

Yes, you may sell your folded books, but you must not sell or share the patterns created by the program! (Check the help section)